Celebrating 25 Years Rock Cafe!

Soon Rock Cafe will be open for 25 years, which calls for a BIG PARTY! Mark your calendar for Saturday May 4th and join us in celebrating our birthday! More details can be found in the flyer below, including a bunch of live shows in Room 66 and DJ sets by different Rock Cafe resident DJ’s!

We’re definitely looking forward to this one and hope to see you there!

Merry Kerstvis and happy New Year!

Rock Cafe and its staff wish all of you a Merry Kerstvis and a happy New Year! All of our best wishes for the upcoming year, filled with good vibes, good music and plenty of beer and saas at your favorite watering hole!

Tonight we celebrate the birth of Kerstvis, so join us for this Rock Cafe classic. Next week there will also be loads of festivities for New Year’s Eve at Rock Cafe and the Oude Markt!

More event pages added!

The event section of our website got upgraded today. Next to the regular Events page with our upcoming events, we added two more pages:

  • Past events: A page with the past events at Rock Café. The list is far from complete, but we’ll update it as we have time and as our memories allow us.
  • Recurring events: A page with an overview of some of the most popular recurring events at Rock Café. Make sure to check them out for the most fun nights at Rock Café Leuven!

End of the concert season, welcome festival season!

Last night Room 66 was steaming hot, literally and figuratively! We had some great shows of Salesmen and Rabids bringing a fun mix of punk and rock ‘n roll. Those who endured the heat definitely enjoyed themselves!

Some pictures can be found by clicking the band names above!

Tomorrow we’ll have the one but last show night before the summer break, with 3 bands hitting the stage in Room 66! We’ll get visitors from UK with Satan’s Mineons, who bring Leuven-based Onion Fuzz back to Rock Cafe, alongside Cuberdon from Leuven. On June 30th Belly Hole Freak will wrap up this concert season!

During the summer months, we take a break from booking concerts until end of August, as typically it gets too hot for shows in Room 66 and there’s plenty of activities at the old Market in the framework of “Het Groot Verlof”. Check out our Events page for more details!

Meanwhile, bands keep on reaching out to book concerts in the fall and in 2024, so stay tuned for more fun and live music after the summer break!