Information for bands


Rock Café takes “support your local bands” very seriously, and therefore, we offer our stage in Room 66 free of charge. Obviously, this offer applies for local and international bands. It’s also possible to rent the upper level for private parties and events! Please continue reading to find out the conditions and contact us in case you have any further questions!


  • Room 66 is available for live performances FREE OF CHARGE. Over the years we’ve noticed that bands often attract larger audiences when not asking an entry fee, but that fans will happily tip them through a “Free donations” box at the door or an old-fashioned collection by hat!
  • If artists/organizers prefer to ask for an entrance fee, they are responsible to have someone collect the entrance fee at the door or organise pre-sales in advance. Obviously all proceeds from tickets go to the artists/organizers.
  • The artists/organizers are also the legal organizers of the event, which implies that royalties (collected through SABAM in Belgium) need to be paid when including covers for example. Rock Café cannot be held responsible in case there would be any issues on this front.
  • Rock Café will provide a bartender for the full duration of the event. All proceeds from the bar go to Rock Café.

Practical things

  • Room 66 is a relatively small but cosy venue with a 9m2 stage. This implies that a maximum of about 30 to 40 guests can be accommodated (depending on space required for gear and so on).
  • For the same reason, we typically only allow 2 bands to perform per night (typically between 8 PM and 11 PM, this is our curfew in view of respecting our neighbours).
  • We strongly recommend that bands share the same backline and drum kits whenever possible, as space is limited. You’ll thank us once you’ve climbed our stairs with your gear, so it’s practical too!
  • For the same reason, we recommend to set up your merchandise booth only after/in between the show(s). You can of course put your shirts up on display all night! It is also possible to have a merchandise booth and cash desk downstairs in the pub to save more space upstairs.
  • There are no PA, monitors or vocal amplification system available in Room 66. Given the compact nature of the venue, this typically is no major issue.
  • We only book concerts on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as these are the most popular nights to go out in Leuven. Thursday night is a traditional night for students to go out, while Friday and Saturday are popular with locals and regulars of Rock Cafe.
  • Access to Rock Café and Oude Markt is restricted for motorised traffic to specific time frames. For loading/ unloading gear, the market is accessible between 6:30 and 8:30 PM. For access outside this timeframe, it is required to ask for a permit from the city of Leuven, no later than 3 days in advance. You’ll need to request one for loading after the show anyhow, so make sure to do this in due time. ANPR Camera’s record all access roads to the market, and fines are issued for any violation. During the show you can park your car(s)/van(s) at Sint-Jacobsplein, which is just a 10 minute walk from Rock Café and is typically quiet at night.
  • Rock Café will promote your event through this website, our social media accounts and the billboard in the bar.
  • We kindly ask the organizers to make an event on Facebook/Instagram (or any others) and add Rock Cafe as organizer. This makes it easier for our webteam to quickly help promote your event.